Professional Translations

Our translations are performed by native translators specialized in different fields of knowledge. We have a large team of professional translators in several languages.

At TexTrade Center, our team of professional translators is determined to collaborate strategically and effectively to solve the different communication challenges in the business world.

Request our professional translation service and expand your work and business opportunities to give a better appearance to your documents and presentations.

More than 15 years of experience
We translate in 20 languages
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Most request translations

• Web Sites
• Resume
• Business Referral
• Embassy Letters

Most request translations

• Articles of Incorporation
• Contract Translation
• Patent Translation
• Translation of Expert Reports
• Translation of Manuals
• Translation of Powers of Attorney

Corporate Translations

We attend to any expansion need of national and foreign companies, through the translation of their contracts, labels, operating manuals, training courses in several languages. We are very pleased to be able to assist you in this process of growth and development. 

One of our main objectives is to overcome communication obstacles in the business world, through effective communication between different countries, cultures, and therefore languages.

We have the capacity to export our services since we are a cost-competitive company with international standards of quality.

We operate internationally
Scale your business globally

Technical Translations

Our translators specialized in different areas and industries guarantee the correct use of technical and specialized terminology in each field of research.

Each industry is a sector that works with long-term projects, dedicated to the manufacture, innovation, preparation and commercialization of new products, drugs, or devices.

Each research allows the production and development of projects that will later be commercialized. In some countries, each stage of testing must receive authorization from national regulatory bodies

Specialized professionals
Guaranteed Service
Most request translations

• Translation of Research Articles
• Translation of Dossiers
• Translation of Clinical Research
• Translation of Brochures
• Translation of Medical Equipment Operating Manuals

Our Languages

English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, German, Portuguese, Italian, French, Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, Ukrainian, Korean, Swedish, Dutch, Vietnamese, Polish, Czech, Indonesian.

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