Certified Translations

Certified Translations by Expert Translators of the Superior Court of Justice, the Federal Judiciary Council, and the Judiciary. We are experts in the Certified Translation Service, we deliver translated documents with legend, seal, and autograph signature of the Expert Translator.

Our Expert Translators have the capacity and authorization to confirm that the translation is official, and such translation may be submitted to any authority or organization, whether public or private, as the case may be.

Authorized Expert Translator: This designation allows the translator to translate different official documents from Spanish into another foreign language, and vice versa.

Characteristics of a certified translation

• Legend in which the Experts assure that the translation is true and correct to the best of their knowledge
• Official seal
• Handwritten signature
• It is delivered in physical format, since it serves as an original document
•Apostilles and legalizations must also be translated and certified

¿What is an Apostille?​

It is the certification of the signatures of Public Servants trained to confirm the validity and legitimacy of official documents issued in the country of origin. It is important to verify the country where the procedure will be carried out, to confirm that it is included in the Hague Convention. This procedure is carried out at the Ministry of the Interior.

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¿What is a Legalization?

It is an act that provides legal validity to official documents, by proving the authenticity of the signature, and the capacity in which the signer of the document has acted. This procedure is required for those countries that have not opted for the Hague Convention. This procedure is carried out at the Ministry of the Interior.

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¿What are the most common documents requested for certified translation??


  • Certified Translation of Articles of Incorporation
  • Certified Translation of Contract
  • Certified Patent Translation
  • Certified Translation of Expert Report
  • Certified Translation of Power of Attorney


  • Certified Translation of Birth Certificate
  • Certified Translation of Marriage Certificate
  • Certified Translation of Death Certificate
  • Certified Translation of University Degree
  • Certified Translation of Academic Records
  • Certified Translation of Court Judgment
  • Certified Translation of Medical Certificate

Our Languages

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