Interpretation Events

As a result of globalization and constant communication between nations, we are at a historic moment, in which it is indispensable for transnational companies to operate jointly with several of their established areas in different countries.

The events where congresses, conferences, trainings, factory tours, bilateral meetings, business meetings, international meetings, audits, calls via streaming or broadcast, are essential to achieve a successful operation.


Simultaneous Interpreter

This service is carried out in person or by audiovisual transmission, being the interpreter the direct receiver of the speech in the source language; it is important to consider the form of expression, tone, and style used by the speaker, this will allow our interpreters to transmit the message immediately to the target language.
Expert Interpreters for Conferences and Seminars

The use of the Zoom platform for simultaneous interpretation of videoconferences, webinars, or bilateral working meetings stands out among the conference interpreters, interpretation agencies and audiovisual agencies for events so simple that result.

The key to multilingual video conferencing is to have experienced professionals.

Nota: For events lasting more than two hours, two interpreters will always be required.

Consecutive Interpreter

This type of interpretation is performed after the speaker’s speech and is for a small number of people. Pauses are necessary in order to transmit the above-mentioned phrases from the source language to the target language.

Rental for any type of event Williams Sound simultaneous interpretation equipment

The equipment for simultaneous interpretation is essential, and consists of a half booth, microphones for the speaker and interpreters, a transmitter that sends the FM signal from the microphone to the receivers, and receivers that are assigned for the audience that will be listening to the translation.

There are events in established places such as training, the presentation of a product, or even a board of directors. However, the events of type tour in factories or mobile training can also be carried out with electronic equipment Williams Sound.

For events of up to 20 people and in which tours will be carried out, it is possible to replace the booth with a mobile equipment called body pack.

The body pack consists of a microphone and transmitter for the speaker, a microphone and transmitter for the interpreter, and is accompanied by the necessary receivers for the tour or meeting.

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